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Rasa Asli Kari Sejati



Marinated Chicken Breast 1 pc 200gm

Mozzarella Cheese ½ cup 50gm

Capers 1 tsp 05 gm

Prune Sauce 1oz 30ml

Prune 1 no

Gratin Potatoes 1 pc

Seasoned Veggies:100 gm

Brocolli 70gm(before cut)

Cauliflower 70gm (before cut)

Carrot 40gm (before peel)

Butter 1 tbsp 30gm

Pepper ¼ tsp 05gm

Salt ¼ tsp 05gm


1. Work area and utensils should be clean and sanitary.

2. Grill both sides of the chicken and transfer to oven.

3. Bake the chicken until it is cook.

4. Take out and top up with mozzarella cheese and capers and heat up under salamander till cheese melt.

5. Heat up marsala wine sauce and prune in a saute pan.

6. Place grilled chicken on the the serving plate

7. Blanch the vegetables and transfer to a mixing bowl and toss with butter, salt & pepper.

8. Microwave the gratin potatoes for 1 minute or until it is hot and reaches 165F.

9. Transfer the chicken to the serving plate

10. Serve with gratin potatoes, vegetables and sauce.

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