Buah Plum

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           Plums are delicious eaten as is. If the plums have been in the refrigerator, allow them to approach room temperature before eating them as this will help them attain the maximum juiciness and sweetness. Plums can also be used in a variety of recipes and are usually baked or poached.

Make pizza with a twist by broiling sliced plums, goat cheese, walnuts and sage on top of a whole wheat pita bread or pizza crust. For a delightful dessert, poach plums in a red wine and serve with lemon zest. Bake pitted plum halves in a 200ºF(93ºC) oven until they are wrinkled. Then mix them into a rye bread recipe for a scrumptiously sweet and hardy bread.

Blend stewed plums and combine with yogurt and honey for wonderful cold soup. Add plum slices to cold cereal.





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