Cendawan Swiss Brown

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Swiss Brown Mushroom

This is the same species as the common and cultivated mushroom. It was in the 1920s that a mutant strain with a white rather than chestnut-brown top appeared. Market preference was for a white mushroom, so that what was the norm has now become the exotic. The Swiss brown is more robust in flavour than the white cultivated mushroom.

Swiss brown mushrooms have a stronger, more robust flavour than the normal white capped mushrooms. I use them in this recipe for this stronger flavour and to give variety for your tastebuds in the meal plan. If you are unable to find Swiss brown mushrooms then you can substitute with the normal white capped button mushrooms.

These flavoursome mushrooms are closely related to white Agaricus mushrooms, and are similar in shape with a tan to dark brown colour. The flavour is deeper and earthier than white mushrooms, and their firm flesh means Swiss browns hold their shape well when cooked.Excellent for pasta sauces, risotto and casseroles, or marinate and add to an antipasto platter.



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